Elder Abuse Attorney in San Diego

The Mitchell Firm is working diligently to protect the Elderly across the Nation against Elder Abuse, and we need your help. Whether it be by in-home staff, in the hospital or nursing homes, the amount of abuse within the lives of our Elderly should be at zero. Unfortunately, we live in a world where instead of providing a safe space for nurturing our senior loved ones, we have to fight to protect the abuse and the exposure that our senior loved ones encounter.  That is our mission and primary focus at The Mitchell Firm, and we will not stop fighting until we bring you and your loved one’s justice.

The amount of elderly being cared for by facilities around the nation are increasing in numbers. The medical treatments available to the elderly also increase, thus making abuse, neglect, and elder morbidity more common. The chances of Neglect, Abuse, and Unsafe environments should not be tolerated and are taken very seriously by our team.

The Mitchell Firm understands how severe this abuse is, and due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the numbers are higher than they have ever been. When the elderly are mistreated, it’s like one of our family members is being abused, and we take it personally.

It’s bad enough that due to the Coronavirus, the only precautionary measures available are at the hands of the staff at the facilities and not family. While being forced to take proper precautions, a “no visit” order is in place. That means your loved ones are in the very hands of those that may be putting your family at risk.

Corona Virus and COVID-19

The Coronavirus has demonstrated that its impact within the Geriatric population is a more significant concern during this pandemic. At The Mitchell Firm, we believe that “The proper authorities should properly handle elder abuse in any form.”

The Mitchell Firm’s top priority during the pandemic is Elder Abuse. Our team is available to help answer the questions you have, address your concerns regarding the health of loved ones, and sort through any neglect that is potentially endangering the lives of the ones you love.  We owe it to our elders to get them through this time, safe and unharmed.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • The patient to staff ratio is nursing homes and hospitals are higher, rather than lower, exposing more patients to the virus.
  • There is a lower quality of care due to the number of hours and lack of emergency preparedness. 
  • There is a lack of appropriate PPE, and personal protective equipment not provided in addition to standard procedures.
  • The nursing homes and their staff are not prepared for this kind of pandemic, putting your loved ones at a higher risk of neglect and proper medical care. 

The Mitchell Firm will guide you and comfort you while you are unable to contact your loved ones, while the mandatory stay-inside order is in place. We understand how this pandemic is affecting you and the ones you love, as the only way to keep them safe is to obey this order and avoid contact. To maintain the safety of your loved ones, if you have any concerns that they are neglected or harmed, please notify our office immediately.

How you can help

  • In most circumstances, Elderly abuse happens in Nursing homes. The very same homes in which our Elderly are to feel protected and safe, are the homes where our Elderly are being abused and silenced. 
  • There are warning signs that you or a loved one should not ignore. If you have noticed a sudden change in your loved one’s behavior, you should investigate further.
    • IS YOUR LOVED ONE: Withdrawn? Depressed? Jumpy? Isolated? Frightened? Flinching? Malnourished?
    • Do they have: Scratches? Bruises? Bedsores? Soiled bedding and no Change of Clothes? All the necessary equipment in case of an emergency?
    • CAN YOU: Reach them by phone? Hear a change in their tone? Access the reports stating the work completed?
    • ARE THE STAFF: Helpful? Defensive? Handing out broken promises of care? Refusing to answer questions regarding said loved one?

If you have any inclination that your loved ones are a victim of abuse, neglect, and mistreated, The Mitchell Firm would like to offer some hope during what seems like an impossible time. Our team is here to represent you and your loved ones to give them the opportunity they deserve to receive proper treatment and medical attention.

The Mitchell Firm will take the reins so you and your family can focus on getting through these hard times during the pandemic. In contrast, we can focus on ensuring your loved ones will be represented and compensated for the physical, emotional, mental, and financial damage that your loved ones may have suffered. At The Mitchell Firm, we work hard, so you can focus on what matters: spending quality time with those you love.

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