Wildfire Lawyer in San Diego


The Mitchell Firm and our partners have encountered a new demand to defend the rights of victims nationwide.  Our team wants you to know that if you are a victim of a wildfire, we are holding the accountable parties responsible. The recent wildfires are sending victims into a panic, and we want you to know that we are here to help you and your family regain your quality of life. You see, here at The Mitchell Firm, we take your life seriously. We will walk you through even the hardest of moments because when you work with us, we’re all family and family sticks together!

How do I qualify?

The Mitchell Firm and our partners have already helped people just like you! If you or your family are a victim of a Wildfire, we want to speak to you today. We will ask you a few questions to determine how to proceed since each person’s story is a little bit different, and we will take over the constant headaches and stress this tragedy has caused you and your family.

If you have lost a:

  • Home, 
  • Business
  • Vehicle or 
  • Loved one

If you have suffered:

  • Land Damage
  • Property Damage
  • Loss of trees or vegetation

If there were damages to your:

  • Home
  • Business
    • Loss of income
    • Loss of Structure
    • Loss of supplies or equipment

If you were a renter:

  • You were displaced
  • Did not carry renters insurance

If you were a homeowner:

  • Did not have homeowners insurance
  • Did have homeowners insurance
    • Have been fighting about coverage
    • Did not receive the adequate coverage amount

We understand that no amount of compensation can bring back the items or people you lost in a wildfire, but we can seek and get you justice and hold the responsible parties accountable.

What can WE do for YOU?

The Mitchell Firm will speak on your behalf against the responsible parties. To determine who should be held accountable, we would need to ask you a few questions in regards to this misfortune. We understand that this is a difficult time to relive your experience and want you to know that our team is prepared to take some weight off your shoulders and offer you some hope on the horizon.

Wildfires can happen at a moment’s notice, and many of us are underprepared, which is why The Mitchell Firm is miles ahead of the crowd. We ARE prepared to bring you and your family justice at no cost to you upfront. You have enough to think about without having to worry about how you can get your life back along with everything else that was lost in the fire. With us, you pay NOTHING unless WE win your case, and the number of cases we have won for our clients is well above the rest.  We would rather talk to you personally and discuss what we could potentially do for you and your family.

Call The Mitchell Firm today and speak to a potential member of your extended family right now!

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