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The Mitchell Firm has years of experience in the field of Toxic Torts Law. We have participated in complex cases involving many toxins that are damaging to one’s health. Whether you are a corporation, an individual, a contractor, or an innocent bystander, our clientele varies depending on the contaminated toxins. The Mitchell Firm is here to help you navigate through a system of power that our highly trained experts do not fear. We want to give you your confidence back in a system that has failed you. We, at The Mitchell Firm, take your concerns seriously by providing answers to the questions you have in regards to Toxic Torts and your health. We can and will give you the guidance you deserve.

What is a “toxic tort”?

A Toxic Tort is a Law that was created to protect anyone that is harmed, injured, or killed from exposure to any toxic substance. Whether it be: industrial chemicals, lead-based paint, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, or environmental toxins. These substances can be seriously damaging to your health and cause serious health concerns for you and your loved ones.

Examples of a Toxic Tort Claim

For example, you are given a prescription from a doctor that is intended to treat HIV. Instead, you got Cancer. Along with hundreds of thousands of others with HIV, just like you, also got Cancer. Each person’s story is a little different, but the one thing in common was the medication each person took. All of us here at The Mitchell Firm, have seen how this type of personal injury has affected millions of people, including you or a loved one. Now imagine every single one of those millions of people receiving justice. We can’t take back what happened, but we can prevent it from happening to others in the future.

That is just one example of a toxic pharmaceutical tort. There are FOUR other.

Generally, there are five different types of toxic tort exposure claims:

  1. In the Home: such as mold, mildew or fungus, and formaldehyde-treated wood and carpet
  2. In the workplace: where employees exposed to dangerous toxins in their workplace
  3. Environmental exposure: harmful toxins in drinking water or air that are consumed by people
  4. Pharmaceutical drugs, where the medication prescribed resulted in unintended side-effects which cause severe damage or suffering
  5. Consumer products, where consumers are injured or damaged with products that contain hazardous materials, such as breast implants, or tobacco.

The Need for an Experienced Nationwide Toxic Torts Attorney

In most cases, toxic tort claims are hard to prove, which is why The Mitchell Firm will be honest with you and tell you if you qualify. It is our priority to do the research necessary to take care of the “hard stuff,” so you can take care of the prestigious “stuff.” Treating you like family comes naturally to us, we have been doing this for over 25 years. Toxic Tort cases require someone with years of experience to bring justice to those parties responsible, which is why we are here: to take all the professional jargon and share with you what is going on.

Examples of Toxic tort claims: There are too many different stories where we have encountered a situation where corporations overlook everyday people, and companies take advantage. Each example is different, and there could be a million scenarios, but the only way you will be able to qualify for the kind of treatment you deserve is by allowing the experts to stand up for you where it matters, in court.

Occupational exposure

When workers are exposed to toxins, at high levels, for a short period or exposed at lower levels over an extended period. This type of toxic tort litigation includes exposure to asbestos and benzene on the job.

  • asbestos exposure
    • mesothelioma or another asbestos-related cancer
  • Benzene exposure
    • oil industry,
    • maritime industry
    • and other occupations,
      • cancers and blood diseases such as leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma
    • Silica exposure
      • silicosis,
        • lung cancer
          • oil fields refineries,
          • foundries,
          • mining,
          • construction,
          • demolition,
          • manufacturing,
          • plumbing
          • and other industries

Pharmaceutical drugs

When pharmaceutical drugs cause unintended side-effects, these side effects can range over some time or can be a matter of life and death. To understand how these side effects are the cause of more significant medical issues, we first must speak with you and narrow down the path in which the side-effects came about. The Mitchell Firm wants you to know; we take our time to gather the evidence needed to bring justice to the responsible parties.

(Zantac and Truvada are two Drugs that have been the subject of toxic tort litigation.)

When people ingest, inhale, or breathe substances in their home, such as toxic mold. Are you renting or Owning? Have you gotten sick and been told that nothing is wrong? Please give us a call immediately; we want to speak with you.

Consumer products

When people use pesticides, unintended illness does happen.

There has recently been a link between the name brand herbicide, Roundup, and Cancer. Here is just one example of how consumer products can be dangerous and harmful to you and the ones you love.

To qualify, the Law Firm of Stephan Mitchell will need to determine if the chemical or substance was harmful and dangerous. That is why we pride ourselves in speaking directly to you and asking all the necessary questions to determine if you qualify under the law. We are here to tell you what we can do for you and your family to help lift the burden of legalities and take control of the endgame results. We fight on your behalf to bring justice to your situation.

1) a substance was dangerous,

2) a plaintiff was exposed to the substance

3) a substance caused harm to the plaintiff.

If you or a loved one worked in an environment in which injury occurred, The Mitchell Firm is here to take away the confusion of who is responsible. Give us a call, and we'll give you our ears to see if we can do anything to help.

We're the experts here at The Mitchell Firm; we have had many clients call and ask us if their situation makes any sense---because we understand the things you don't. We will take the reins and allow you the time you need to take care of yourself in the process.

No industry and no injury is too small or too big, especially if it has been a big issue with you and your quality of life!

Toxic Tort? Call The Mitchell Firm today!

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