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We here, at The Mitchell Firm, understand that a child being diagnosed with Autism is hard enough on parents. So why should Parents be concerned if the mother of the child(ren) took Tylenol for pain during their pregnancy? Did anyone tell you that taking Tylenol while pregnant could be a contributing factor to a child’s diagnosis of Autism? How about the guilt and shame the mother must feel to discover that she may have been able to prevent this? The Mitchell Firm understands that this discovery is an even harder pill to swallow, and we want you to know; you are not alone.

Taking Tylenol while pregnant

For decades, Mothers assumed taking Tylenol while pregnant was safe enough because that is what they were told. Unaware that it may have contributed to the development of autism in their child(ren) mothers purchased Tylenol and used it to treat pain while pregnant. If you or a loved one took Tylenol while pregnant and later discovered that your child was diagnosed with autism, The Mitchell Firm can help! 

Recent Study Indicates Manufacturers May Be at Fault

Tylenol pills (acetaminophen) show an increased risk of autism, according to recent studies. 

Tylenol sold by manufacturers and commonly used by women for pain during their pregnancy is now being studied to determine if being taken during pregnancy would lead to an increased risk of their child developing autism.  

A John Hopkins study, involving samples of umbilical blood obtained from 996 mother-child pairs found that children exposed to higher acetaminophen levels were up to 3.62 times more likely to be diagnosed with autism. 

While according to the U.S. FDA and the European EMA, Tylenol is considered to be safe for pregnant women, when taken as prescribed and under doctor’s supervision, and it is considered riskier for pregnant women to have an untreated fever than it is to take Tylenol, sadly, this is not the first study to make this correlation. 

In 2018, a meta-analysis of 7 studies involving 132,178 pairs of mothers and children suggested that excessive use of acetaminophen during pregnancy may increase the child’s risk of autism by 20%. 

Results are worrisome for women, the doctor says

According to Dr. Beate Ritz, one of the co-authors and chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, “[The results] are worrisome because more than 50% of the women took acetaminophen; it is an over-the-counter drug, and they can freely buy and use it at their discretion. It is considered relatively safe, and maybe it is not.” 

“Pregnancy is a very special period,” says Ritz. “Acetaminophen may not harm adults in any other way, but fetal development is special.” 

What does this mean for you? 

Manufacturers are now facing lawsuits across the country, over failure to warn pregnant women about the autism risks associated with Tylenol (acetaminophen) pills. 

These companies chose to conceal the risks by putting millions of babies at risk to increase their profits.  

And if evidence finds them guilty, they must pay.  

The time to act is now. 

Contact The Mitchell Firm for your free case review.  

We advocate for you! 

The Mitchell Firm advocates on behalf of all parents across the country. If you or someone you love frequently used Tylenol: 

  • during pregnancy 
  • during the 2nd and/or 3rd trimester of pregnancy.  
  • are a mother under 40 years old and father under 45 years old at the time of birth.  
  • And your Child diagnosed with Autism between 2005 and May 25th, 2020.

(There may be other conditions that arise as more studies commence.) 

If you meet the criteria mentioned above, do not miss your window of opportunity for The Mitchell Firm to review your case today! 

How do I know if I have a case? 

Each case is unique and evaluated individually, and women or family members with children who became diagnosed with autism after the mother frequently took during pregnancy, may be eligible for compensation. Contact The Mitchell Firm for more information.  

I cannot afford attorney fees.  

The Mitchell Firm does not charge you anything upfront. If we believe you have a case, we will fight for you, like you are family. We only charge you if we win your case, period. 

This is a waste of time. 

The Mitchell Firm will do everything for you when it comes to your case, and in most cases, we have settled it out of court. It will take you about 30 minutes to sign the paperwork, and we take care of the rest! 

The Mitchell Firm has over 15 years of experience in protecting consumers just like you. If you are unsure if you qualify, give us a call, and we will help you determine what your next step will be. We take away the hassle, so you can focus on what is more critical—YOU and your CHILD. 

The Mitchell Firm works for thousands of parents just like you.

The highest chance of success for your case means working with a nationally recognized litigation firm.  

The Mitchell Firm fights on your behalf to make manufacturers nationwide improve the safety of their products. In the past 25 years, we have encountered an unreasonable number of dangerous products. These hazardous products are removed from the market, and their designs or warnings have improved.  

Defective or Unsafe Products Are a Significant Cause of Severe Injuries and Wrongful Deaths 

To protect children and parents like yourself, we continue to fight with manufacturers today. We still have a long way to go because many defective and unsafe products are reaching the marketplace, injuring, or killing their consumers.  

Case by case, we are working together to change how manufacturers do business, and The Mitchell Firm would not be able to accomplish this goal without you.  

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